Monday, March 2, 2009

Today is the big day

Today is the big day for my c-section. I never posted after the other day, but all of the doctors I saw agreed that delivering now is best for my little Jude. If you notice the timestamp on this message, you'll see that I'm having a hard time sleeping.
I'm just so overcome with emotion right now. I'm relieved to know that the last few months of dread and sickness are almost over. I'm excited to meet my little Jude. I'm terrified of holding a little guy that I know isn't going to be with us very long. I'm even more terrified of holding him after he goes to heaven, and all that is left is the shell of his little broken body. I'm nervous about having to get cut open. I'm thankful to God for His faithfulness in getting BJ and I through this incredibly challenging situation. I'm overwhelmingly blessed by the outpouring of love I've felt from my New Springs family, my friends, my mom, and even from total strangers through this whole ordeal.
Thanks again to all who have prayed. Please continue to pray today. It will be a rough day, but I'm thankful God has given it to us.


Christy said...

I just wanted to let you know I have been praying for you and baby Jude for a long time, and especially today. (I am a friend of Deena's). May the Lord make himself known to you today!!!

sam said...

we love you guys and won't stop praying for you.

JennT said...

We are miserable for you guys today. I have so much to say, but that's all I can get out right now. We are here for you all, anytime.

Nana said...

I'm Laura's mom. I have lifted you and your family up to the Lord many times this week, and so has our church and some of my co-workers. I'm deeply moved by your strength during this time.