Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This whole situation stinks.

Things here still really stink. The baby still has a heart beat. Poor little guy. We had an ultrasound yesterday, and seeing him was so sad. His bladder is so enlarged that his abdomen protrudes out at least a centimeter further than the tip of his nose. The ultrasound tech also said that it's putting so much pressure on the bottom of his spine that the it's keeping his lower extremeties from developing any further. It's all so sad. I've been incredibly sick for weeks. I can eat, but I don't keep much down...not even liquids...so I've had to go to the ER multiple times for fluids. I asked the dr yesterday if there was anything I could do about the nausea. He said that I'm just going to be sick until this is all over, because the baby's system is not filtering any toxins, so my body is having to do double the work, and it just can't keep up. I asked how much longer are we talking about, and he said that we'd keep going until the baby has no heartbeat or until he's willing to do a c-section...at 37 weeks! That's 12 more weeks of me being incredibly sick, and possibly doing damage to my kidneys and liver. That answer made BJ livid. When we got home, BJ said "I know you love your doctor, but I think his answers are bogus, and I think we need to get a second opinion." So, I called my nurse, and she's setting me up for a second opinion. I'll see a dr that I saw before in one of my ER visits, who told me then that I had options that my dr wasn't discussing with me. Basically, the plan is this...I'll meet with the 2nd opinion dr on Thursday. If he is in agreement with my dr that Jude is "incompatible with life" (meaning, he has no chance of living whether he's born at 25 weeks or at 37 weeks), then he'll refer me to yet another dr at an outside clinic for a third opinion. If the third dr is in agreement, then they will go to the ethics committee at the hospital and petition to do an early c-section.
My prayer right now is for all of the doctors to be in agreement, and that they'll deliver my precious boy soon. I need to feel better, and I need the peace of knowing that Jude is not suffering anymore.
I honestly plan to scan in at least the precious face picture of my little guy soon. Thanks again for all the prayers.

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