Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another ER Visit

That's two this week. I have been having a hard time keeping food down for a long time, on Tuesday night, I couldn't even keep liquids down. I went to the ER on Wednesday, and they said I was dehydrated. They kept me several hours and gave me a couple of bags of IV fluids and some IV antinausea meds. Thursday, I felt quite a bit better, and even worked all day. On Friday, though, I was feeling bad again. I went to work and had gotten sick 4 times by 10AM. I called the doctor, and he called in another prescription for me and told me if I couldn't keep that down to go back to the ER for more fluids. Well, I couldn't keep it down. So, I went back to the ER and got another 2 1/2 bags of fluids and more antinausea meds. When I got home last night, I ate (and kept down) a baked potato, so that was good.
I actually feel pretty good this morning for a change.
I'm happy that I feel good for once, but I'm sad that this whole situation has taken such a toll on me, physically and emotionally. I'm just ready for everything to be over so I can go through the grieving process, and then I can start the road to feeling normal again.

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