Monday, November 10, 2008

First purchase

This weekend, I purchased the first item for the new baby. It's a cradle. I was driving past a garage sale and saw it, so I stopped and asked how much they wanted for it. The lady said $5! I wasn't going to pass that up! Anyway, it's just a plain white wooden cradle that we'll probably re-finish before the baby gets here, but it's nice to have something bought already. I was a little disappointed because Savanna had an awesome bassinet, but I sold it at a garage sale earlier this year when I thought I'd never have any more babies. (I love how God has such different things in store for us than what we think our plan is!!!) Anyway, this cradle will be a nice substitute to the bassinet that I loved so much.
BJ and I have been discussing name options already. We pretty quickly came up with a girl name that we both like...Zoe Grace. Boy names are a little more difficult to agree on. BJ loves Israel Asher, but I'm not crazy about Israel as a first name. I like Asher, though, so I'm cool with that as a middle name. Last night, I came up with Jude Asher, and BJ is kinda okay with that. Of course, we have several months to change our minds or to come up with viable alternatives.
The baby is growing and looks more like a human and less like an alien than it did just a few weeks ago. Here is a picture of what a 10-week fetus looks like:

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