Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Turn the Page

The last several months of my life have been so hard. My mom (who is my world!) has been dealing with cancer...going through chemo and now radiation, my job was not good, my health has been less than great, and, of course, my baby boy didn't survive. It's been heartache after heartache, and I'm so ready for some good times. Hopefully, this week is the beginning of a new, happier chapter in my life.
Today, I started my new job. It's really nice to be back in the hospital. So many people have seemed excited to see me, and very happy to have me back. I went to several clinics today, and the doctors that I saw all seemed ecstatic that I was taking on this new role, and that I would be available to help them through any issues that they have.
Physically, I'm feeling a lot better. Emotionally, I have my good moments and my bad moments. But the bad moments are fewer and further between now. I still can't think of Jude without fighting tears, but sometimes I win the battle and don't cry.
Hopefully the new job will bring a new perspective on the sadness of the past several months. I pray that it will.

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