Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Rock Update

Here's the update from the trip to the doctor in Little Rock yesterday...The news isn't good.
The baby has what is called Posterior Urethral Disorder. This means that the valve that would normally allow the bladder to drain is facing the wrong way. It is supposed to allow urine to drain and not allow other things to come in; however, it is currently not allowing any urine to drain. This causes lots of problems, including bladder issues, kidney issues, and most importantly at this point in the pregnancy, does not allow the amniotic fluid to be replenished. So, as the next few weeks go on, and the baby is unable to urinate, the fluid he uses for sustenance becomes less and less. Right now, there is really no hope for survival. We will go back to Little Rock in 3 weeks for another visit. At that point, the doctor will evaluate fluid levels and we'll develop a plan. Basically, the expectation is we'll keep going till the baby has no more fluid, and then deliver, but, again, there isn't really any chance for survival.
The news was bleak, and I'm very sad. But, I do feel a bit more comfort than I have felt in a long time. Please continue to pray for us to have peace and comfort in knowing that God has a plan for us in all of this.

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