Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Post

Well...it's all official now, so I figure I'd better start a blog for the newest member of the Carsten family. Two weeks ago, I took a little test and saw a little plus sign. Today, I went to the doctor and started pre-natal planning. So, it's official. BJ and I are having a baby! Josie, Declan, and Savanna are going to have a new sibling!
It's all very surreal...I mean BJ and I just got married, and then 8 weeks later...BUT...I know that it's a blessing, and that even though right now BJ and I are stressing about the financial implications, we know that one more to love in our family is just going to make it that much more full and wonderful!
Up to this point, there's not much to report...I feel crappy...I'm tired all the time...and my emotions are out of control. But I haven't been too awful sick, so that's awesome.
I've got mixed emotions about the months to come. I'm excited, and nervous, and joyous and scared...all at the same time. I didn't love pregnancy with Savanna, but she was well worth it after she got here, so I'm sure that this baby will be just as worth anything that I'm subjected to over the course of the next nine months.
Today's doctor appointment was really nothing to write home about. I didn't even see the doctor, in fact. I just got vitals taken, and then got lab work done, then did ALL my paperwork with the nurse. They really ask a million questions, but that's good because it helps to determine whether I'm a high-risk pregnancy.
Right now, I'm just praying to make it through the next 6 weeks (that'll be the end of the first trimester) without any complications. After that, I'll feel much more relaxed and much less worried about having problems.
Hopefully, all will go smoothly. I have faith that God will get us through it...no matter what the next several months hold in store for our family.

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